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Evidence-based, pet approved.

Why the name Dog Educated? Surprisingly, dog training is an unregulated industry. It requires no licensing or formal education whatsoever. We believe dogs and their families deserve better! Our trainers have attended the most rigorous, advanced program available for animal learning and behavior – The Academy for Dog Trainers. We truly are dog educated. Our education included coursework in counseling so that we can ensure our clients are dog educated, as well.

Why Work With Us

  • Formally educated in animal learning and behavior
  • Always current on relevant studies through continued education
  • Effective, efficient, humane training methods
  • Supportive, proficient coaching & counseling for you

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Lisa and John are a very welcome and NEEDED addition to our community. Both of these knowledgeable, kind and compassionate individuals will be a tremendous asset to pets and pet guardians alike! As the president of a local rescue, I’ve had the distinct pleaaure of working with Lisa directly. She has been helping our dogs with training and behavior for a couple years now and they have absolutely flourished under her care. I very enthusiastically recommend Dog Educated for your extremely knowledgeable, humane, science based training and behavior needs.
Jenn F.
I highly recommend Dog Educated! John and Lisa are both compassionate, dedicated and hardworking people passionate about helping dogs, and their people. I know I can trust them to use humane, science based training when working with my dogs.
Kelly B.
You have here two amazing trainers that join together. Well done, highly highly recommended!!
Claudine P.
Lisa and John are fantastic! Intelligent, educated, patient, lovely people. Highly recommended!
Andi S.
I cannot express enough how hard working and dedicated these two people are to helping dogs and to the community. They have completed grueling hours and certified themselves with science based training, not fear based training from years past. They are loving, compassionate people who not only own dogs themselves but foster too. They are active in rescue, community outreach for low income pet owners and their first and only priority is keeping pets with their families, if possible. I have never met people who go more above and beyond to help families. Once they are in your pets lives, they stay there and become part of your family.
Angela S.
Lisa and John are a great addition to the dog training community! With their knowledge and passion they are HIGHLY recommended!
Kimberly C.